At my Visual Stories workshop I always get asked this question, “Which presentation program do you like best? Prezi, Keynote or PowerPoint?”

The answer: Keynote! It’s simple unencumbered and easy to use. From a timing standpoint a good presentation takes about 120 hours to create, Keynote can help cut that down to 40 hours. It’s copy and paste vs. insert > from file > find the image then click. Overall everything is better looking, transitions, movements and type.

About Prezi: I like aspects of Prezi, but I have yet to see a presentation worthy of being called a Visual Story on Most of what I see in Prezi is a cool way to navigate around an illustration or boring PowerPoint slides dropped It’s the motion they are selling, not the information. Check out

It still comes down to telling a captivating story. If you have heard me speak, I’m passionate about creating a great story, with simple animations, and slides that reinforce your information. Remember YOU are the presenter, not the slides and not definitely not the software. You are the story teller and you want your audience to be looking at you! Creating effective presentations is hard work and you can’t do it inside of the 24 hours before you present. Maybe it’s time you changed your thoughts on how you develop your presentations.

If you want to present on your laptop or iPad or even your smartphone, I can help you design a presentation that gets results.