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As a professional speaker, you’ve put countless hours into your message. It can be daunting to think about redesigning your presentation or starting the work on slides for a new presentation. We can help


Business Professionals

With so much to do, you don’t have much time to devote to building a slide deck to support the presentations you need to deliver, and the last thing you want to do is spin your wheels trying to get started. We can help.


Startup Companies

Launching your dream business is both exhilarating and exhausting. You’re eager to present your company’s message to potential clients and investors, but working on your pitch deck is overwhelming. We can help.


We’re on a mission to save audiences from bland and boring presentations. We’ve been in meetings and at conferences where the slides were so confusing or distracting, we lost sight of the message. You have too, and the last thing you want to do is weaken your message with a slide deck that doesn’t have any impact. Or worse — one that puts your audience to sleep.

The Presentation Workshop: 3-hour workshop to transform your presentation.

Paul Vorreiter

Speaker, Designer & Trainer

Paul is a creative expert and designer with over two decades of graphic design, branding and marketing experience. He speaks and leads workshops to help people develop better presentations using powerful but simple-to-learn design techniques that take presentations from okay to outstanding. Paul brings his strategic way of thinking, his designer’s viewpoint and his easygoing style to your event or project.

After working with Paul, you’ll never look at another slide or presentation the same! You’ll feel like you have a new set of skills and a great new advocate in your corner to bring your presentation to the next level.


Kiley Vorreiter

Speaker, Trainer and Presentation Coach

Kiley is a writer, editor and online marketer who speaks and leads training on crafting better presentations. With a background teaching English, Kiley brings an understanding of the science of learning and language to help you develop material that informs, sticks and promotes action.

Work with Kiley to shape your story and learn easy techniques to organize and design your presentation. She also coaches one-on-one on speech and presentation story writing and on using your material to promote your work through search and social marketing.

We Speak

Book us to speak at your next conference, training session or corporate event.

We Train

Our team can specifically design a workshop for your team.

We Design

Sometimes you need a professional design to take your presentation to the next level.


In our 24/7, electronic, noisy and virtual business world, an audience with people is a precious thing. If real people have taken time out of their busy schedules to show up and give you the gift of their attention, do not disappoint them! Connect with them through a presentation that is worthy of their time, their attention and their engagement with your message. Join the mission! Learn how to stir up your creativity and work with tools, like PowerPoint or Keynote, to build a presentation that is a Visual Story. Make your presentation an event that’s engaging, memorable and drives action. Give your audience the gift of legibility and logic in a polished package that makes what you have to say shine. Get ready to ignite your presentation.

1. We start with training. We want you to feel empowered as you tackle your presentation project. Armed with a better understanding of your audience and new design concepts that non-designers can easily master, you’ll be ready to tear into your presentation. Upcoming Events and Workshops.

2. We add hands-on practice. The Presentation Workshop is a highly effective 3-4 hour session for you to learn the concepts and apply them to your presentation. With customized ideas and one-on-one help, the workshop will unleash your creativity and move you out of the bullet point rut. Hungry for more? We offer one-on-one coaching and advanced training sessions to help you craft an amazing presentation, and we work with you in everything from slide design to venue preparation to on-stage presence — whatever you need to take your presentation to a whole new level.

3. We tie it all together with professional slide design. Most clients become so excited about creating their Visual Stories with the tools we give them in training workshops, they enjoy redesigning their slides and honing their presentation, but sometimes it’s worth it to bring in the big guns: a professional designer. After attending a Presentation Workshop or Visual Stories presentation, you’ll know what you want to see in your final presentation deck. With your direction and our expertise, we will create high-impact custom slides in your brand and to your specifications in either PowerPoint or Keynote that you can use in a sales meeting, for an executive presentation or at your next TED talk.

Ready to get started? Contact us today. We’d love to meet with you and chat about how Reflective Spark can ignite your presentation.

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